Go green in Punta del Diablo

Via-Verde-Off-Grid-Sustainable-Accomodation-Uruguay-leadVía Verde was born as a life project by a couple living in a big city in search of switching from concrete to nature, from a computer screen to the ocean. We found our place in Punta del Diablo, a small fishermen village in Uruguay, just next to Brazil border, ideal for sun seekers and surfers.

Do you imagine living short of water and electricity? This is actually how most people live in the world. Via Verde project is about a sensible use of our natural resources.

Surrounded by pine trees and acacias, and with stunning views of Playa Grande in Santa Teresa National Park, we invite you to enjoy a meaningful experience in Punta del Diablo. (See map)

The house is off-grid, powered by solar panels, and water is provided by a well, while a pool full of wetland plants treat gray water. Via Verde’s passive orientation and compact design protect the home from strong southern winds.

It was built with certified woods including tatajuba, cumarú and ipe that were sourced from the area and nearby Brazil.

The furniture was custom-made from discarded local timber by local artisans.

We want to share with you our dream of a sustainable way of life, surrounded by nature. Stare at the stars, listen to the birds, surf in the gorgeous Playa Grande, cycle through the lush vegetation of the National Park… Let’s go green.

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Punta del Diablo
Playa de los Pescadores. Pic Anders Robertsson

Contact us: roxauro@gmail.com

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